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  • Great Districts for Great Teachers:
    Why it matters

    The Great Districts for Great Teachers initiative celebrates the hard, often politically challenging efforts of a special group of school districts. By highlighting their effective policies and practices, we hope to establish these districts as models for others.

    Great Districts is focused on what the school district does to attract and keep great teachers - the talent everybody is eager to bring on board.

    Winners were selected after a rigorous 18-month evaluation based on the features of the work environment that matter most to great teachers. These winners demonstrate what works in a district to recruit, develop, and retain teachers who are most successful at helping students learn. Moreover, what's good for great teachers is generally the right thing for all teachers.

    The nine winners and six honorable mentions excelled on five criteria that research suggests connect to effective teaching:

    • Compensation
    • Professional support
    • Effective management and operations
    • Career and leadership opportunities
    • Support services for students

    NCTQ believes supporting and aiding great teachers is the best way to shape a better future for all students. Great teachers not only provide an excellent education for their own students, they become inspiring role models and leaders for the entire teaching profession. They can set the tone for a school -- indeed an entire district -- if district leaders recognize their talents and allow them to expand their roles outside their own classrooms.

    Great Districts can provide a rallying point to encourage parents, businesses, and others in the community to support the good work of their school district. Our long-term goal is to prove that every district is capable of greatness, no matter how great the challenges they face.

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